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Tim Ross

Construction Foreman

Woods Development Group, LLC, (WDG) has created an all-new inside look at our talented visionaries. At WDG, we are thrilled to showcase our visionaries’ immense talent and skills. WDG is please to introduce – Employee Spotlight, by presenting Tim Ross (Construction Forman).


Mr. Ross brings more than fifteen years of experience in the construction field, Mr. Ross also comes with his strong passion to build and create objects with his hands. His drive to build is unstoppable, providing a high-level of immense knowledge and hands on experience. Ross enjoys the ability to create the necessities for his family, Ross stated, “Anything my mother needs, I build for her. I’m currently finishing a deck for her pool, which is in progress.” (Shown below). WDG looks forward to seeing Ross’s accomplished project and encourage his willingness to help at hand. 


Furthermore, Ross has inevitable support from his family since his desire for construction began when working in landscaping several years ago. His 2-year-old son enjoys his dad’s craft the most. As shown below, images of his son’s new playroom filled with a secret hideout, kids table, colored foam steps, which includes: open spaces for baskets and books. In addition, Ross built furniture sets, which includes: a modern wooden chair, restroom counter and sink, kitchen counter, and coffee table.


“Get it done, stay busy and keep your head up. You can always tear down and rebuild.”


  • - Mr. Tim Ross


Like many others, Ross developed his talents and knowledge about the industry by prioritizing, motivation, and self-teaching. Mr. Ross makes sure his projects are completed on time with high quality.


Ross displays his talents and ultimate passion, throughout all aspects of his life.

Joining WDG March of 2016, our team looks forward to more accomplishments and creative work form Tim Ross.

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