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About Vie

VIE is a Minority Business Enterprise real estate development company specializing in the financing, acquisition, development, management, and construction of student and multifamily housing in the United States. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Vie has a successful track record of renovating and developing housing capable of meeting the discerning needs of its clients. Vie creates Destination Homes and Communities where residents receive all that they need within the confines of their homes. Vie cultivates an experience where guests enjoy access to premium services such as world class Fitness Centers (Vie Fit), exclusive premium coffee experiences (Kahvie Cafés), comfortable coworking and creative lounges, elevated design and an array of unique amenities for resident enjoyment and creativity. This targeted approach creates compelling homes and opportunities for attractive return on investment, resulting in a track record of success and value-creation for residents and investors, alike.



Selected Projects

Selected Projects

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