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A simple approach to construction with the potential for significant cost-savings for the client, Design/Build Delivery holds the Design/Builder financially responsible for any discrepancies between the project plans and finished construction. The “single point of contact” method of this management solution works to the client’s benefit. 

Vie Development (VIE) is the all-inclusive turn-key contracting firm that builds with you in mind. From the planning stage to building occupancy, VIE is your dedicated partner and advocate, helping navigate your project to success. We work hard to provide the best customer value possible, through customized scheduling, value engineering and efficient delivery times. VIE's vast range of value-added services include:

  • Customized Project Management

  • Onsite Evaluation & Design

  • Pre-engineered Construction

  • Conventional Construction

  • Renovations, Remodels & more

  • Construction Management

  • Scope Writing


Construction Services

​Whether your project is a retail space, automotive building, restaurant, office building, health services space or any other type of light commercial project we have the services to provide you with all of your planning, design and light commercial construction-related services.

Our organized development strategies and attention to detail provide an excellent platform for completing light commercial projects.  Clients will be provided with a detailed building specification list that will showcase the entire scope of the project.  During construction we will meet with you to ensure you are informed and to assist in the decision-making process.

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